First Blog for 2011- Lisa Wilson- 2011 Choreographic Fellow

My first Blog as the 2011 Hephzibah Tintner Foundation Fellow-
We are quite a way into the year already and this is my first blog so I will try to sum up the year to date!
So far I have spent quite a bit of time with Sydney Dance Company observing the creation of Rafael Bonachela’s new work ‘ Landforms’. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to be able to watch this creative process unfold and I have been so fortunate in how welcoming the whole company has been. It is wonderful to see how instinctive Rafael is when he works and that although there is so much thought behind what he does, he allows room for the intuitive side of himself to craft his work.
This week I have observed Jacopo Godani who is guest choreographer work on his new creation for the combined season called ‘Shared Frequencies’. It is going to be a beautiful program with sumptuous dancers and gorgeously crafted works.
In the middle of this, I have also spent my first week down in Melbourne with the Australian Ballet, beginning my own creation for their ‘Bodytorque’ season. Although it is just early days yet, I have 3 lovely dancers to work with and some creative ideas to get me started. The main rehearsal period is in May so I have a little more time to research and develop some ideas, particularly the video imagery that will be incorporated into the piece and the music. I am extremely fortunate to be collaborating with composer Paul Charlier and art director Chris Golsby (video) on this work, which will hopefully make it quite special. More on that to come…..

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