SDC Premiere

The last two weeks has been an exciting time for Sydney Dance Company and once again I have been privileged to be ‘behind the scenes’ of their latest season Shared Frequencies. I have spent time with the company over the last couple of weeks observing the two works by Rafael Bonachela and Jacopo Godani go into production week in the Sydney Theatre and then through to opening night. It was lovely to be able to take company class for the dancers on stage, whilst I was there last week, and such a joy to watch them all perform- they are all true artists.

The season was a resounding success, with a standing ovation both on the preview and opening night…and well deserved. Both works are incredibly articulate, intelligently crafted works with a real shift in feeling from one to the other-this makes for a incredible evening of dance. I am so looking forward to later in the year when I will have the opportunity myself to workshop with some of the dancers!

I have also started a piece for Queensland Ballet’s Professional Year students recently and this will keep me busy in the coming weeks. I have a countdown now to my rehearsal period for Bodytorque with the Australian Ballet-  I am  busy in talks with composers and video artists and starting to get my head around what that work will ‘look and feel’ like. I have had to write the program notes already ….so I do have a fair idea! I’ll be back soon with an update on how that is all progressing.


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