Bodytorque preparation

Well the last few weeks I have been busy working with the Queensland ballet’s professional year and choreographing a work for them to perform later in the year. I believe the end of Sydney Dance Company’s season of ‘Shared Frequencies’ was a resounding success and they all deserved a well-earned holiday at the completion. I’ve had a short break over Easter with my family, but most of that has been spent writing grant proposals for future independent work and thinking about my piece for Bodytorque!

Tommorrow I will be meeting in Sydney with my composer , Paul Charlier and we will try to put together a rough soundtrack for Bodytorque. I am a bit nervous about the time frame for this rehearsal period, as it is only two weeks, but I will just have to be┬áincredibly prepared when I walk into the studio Monday. The rest of this week I will be creating material for the work (by myself) and still trying to brainstorm a bit for the video content of the work. I am incredibly excited about this opportunity though and can’t wait to get into rehearsals with the dancers at the Opera House!


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