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Narelle Benjamin - Full Biography
Narelle Benjamin, Choreographer, 2005-2007

Simon HewettPerformer-Dance Companies - performer
Dark Swan (1987). One Extra Dance Co (1987, 88, 89, 92, 94). Founding member Chrissie Parrot Dance Collective (1990, 91, 92) Founding Member Chunky Move Dance Company. (1995, 96, 97, 98) Bangrarra Dance Company (1999). Garry Stewart (1995, 97, 99) Australian Dance Theatre 2000.

Choreography For The Stage
One Extra Dance Company Inside Out (2003), Out of Water (2004)
Sydney Dance Company Gossamer Directors Cut Season 2006
The Australian Ballet Bodytorque Season. "The Darkroom" 2007
Sydney Festival 2008 "Figment"
Theatre of Image, Lullie the Iceberg 2007
Theatre of Image, Pixel 2008

Choreography For Film
1999 Restoration - Directed by Cordelia Beresford. Choreographed and Performed by Narelle Benjamin and Solon Ullbrich

2002 Arachne. Co Directed by Narelle and Mathew Bergan. Choreographed and Performed by Narelle Benjamin Bret Daffy and Russel Page

2003 On A Wing And A Prayer. Directed and Choreographed by Narelle Benjamin Performed by Narelle Benjamin, Clare Holland and Kathryn Cogill

2004 I Dream of Augustine directed by Cordelia Beresford. Choreographed and Performed by Narelle Benjamin.

2006 POD film by ,Narelle Benjamin and Samuel James. Performed by dancers of the Sydney Dance Company. Made possible through the Hephzibah Tintner Fellowship.

2007 "The Shape of Water" Directed by Cordelia Beresford. Choreography and original concept, Narelle Benjamin. Performed by dancers from the Sydney Dance Company Made possible through the Hephzibah Tintner Fellowship.

Restoration screened on the ABC 2000
On a Wing and a Prayer screened on the ABC 2006
The Shape Of Water-Screened on the ABC 2007


Narelle Received the Hephzibah Tintner Fellowship in 2005

1994 The Melbourne Age "Best Dance Performer"

2005 Wendy Houstons "In The Dark". Most outstanding choreography, Australian Dance Awards. In collaboration with Narelle Benjamin, Julie Anne Long Michael Waits and Brian Carby.

Awards and Nominations for Film
1999 "Restoration", Australian Dance Award-screened in many festivals
2000 "Restoration". Dendy Award (best short film), Sydney Film Festival
2002 "Arachne", Second Prize Reel Dance Awards, nominated for an Australian Dance Awards.
2004 'On a Wing and a Prayer', second prize Reel Dance Festival. Nominated for an Australian Dance award. Special mention at the Napolidanza film festival in Italy. Screened in many international festivals.
2005 "I dream of Augustine". Australian Dance Award. Nominated for a Dendy Award. Second prize Napoidanza festival Italy. Screened in many festivals

Shape of Water - Winner of the ReelDance festival 2008.
Pool 07 Berlin. 2nd prize best film, 3rd prise best concept, 3rd prize best cinematography. Screened at international festivals.
POD - screned at intenational festivals. Finalist for ReelDance 2008

Green Room Awards

1994 Best Female Dancer "While You're Down There" Melbourne Dance Theatre
1995 Best Female Dancer "Fast Idol" Chunky Move
1998 Best Female Dancer "Bonehead" Chunky Move

Mo Awards-1998 Dance Performer of the Year

Australian Dance Awards-2000 performer of the year,
2004. Choreography for Independant artist. "Inside Out". choreographed by Narelle Benjamin performed by Clare Holland and Kristina Chan

Narelle is currently working on a new full length work "In Glass" with performers Kristina Chan, Paul White and Video Artist Samuel James made possible by the dance board of The Australia Council.