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The Hephzibah Tintner Foundation
Conductor - Program of Work

The Hephzibah Tintner Conducting Fellowship is aimed at providing emerging artists with the opportunity to develop their craft under the auspices of The Australian Ballet (TAB), Opera Australia (OA) and Sydney Symphony Orchestra (SSO). The value of the Fellowship will be $50,000 for a program to last 24 months.

During the Fellowship the companies propose to offer a successful applicant the following opportunities:
bullet The opportunity to assist various conductors in the preparation of works for TAB, OA and SSO.
bullet The opportunity to observe and participate in studio and orchestral rehearsals with TAB, OA and SSO which may result, subject to the companies, in the public performance of a work or works.
bullet The opportunity to work with the music, technical and artistic departments of various organisations to learn about the roles and responsibilities of conductors within these organisations.
bullet The ability to observe at close proximity all aspects involved in the creation and staging of a work by the companies.
The companies undertake to mentor the applicant and to assist in organising, where possible, a secondment-type/ observation position with companies in Australia or abroad. As well as the program above, the companies will assist, where possible, and facilitate the applicant' s own program for study and training within the period of the Fellowship.
Eligibility Selection Conditions
(a) Must be either an Australian citizen or hold permanent residency status;
(b) Must display outstanding performance or potential in their chosen field;
(c) Must submit a proposed program of study and/or training which they would undertake to further their skills in the relevant performing art; and
(d) Must agree to submit reports to the Trustees in respect of their studies, training and performances regularly during the term of the Fellowship and at the end in accordance with the Trustees policies from time to time.
A scholarship will only be awarded to an applicant who is, at the time of awarding the scholarship, between the age of l7 and 38, unless:
(a) The Advisory Committee has by resolution of at least two thirds of its members recommended a departure from this requirement on a particular occasion;
(b) At least two thirds of the Trustees are satisfied that a particular applicant's proposed study and training program is one which will benefit the Specified Performing Art to an exceptional degree; and
(c) At least two thirds of the Trustees resolve that there should be a departure from this rule so as to allow a scholarship to be awarded to the particular applicant.
Preference will be given to those applicants who are permanently resident in the Sydney metropolitan area or who for any other reason have a strong connection with Sydney.